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Awesome things about being wrong

  • When you are stuck, discovering one of your assumptions was wrong opens the door to all kinds of new ways to move forward
  • When you are are able to admit being wrong, it builds trust and connection between other humans who have also experienced the uncomfortableness of changing your mind in public.
  • It’s the first step on pretty much every growth journey
  • It’s a great way to release beliefs that no longer serve you
  • It keeps you humble
  • It makes you more compassionate in the face of other people’s mistakes
  • Sometimes it’s really funny
  • Getting good at finding where you are wrong helps you feel more confident when you are right
  • The more you do it, the more you realize it’s not the end of the world. Being wrong is totally survivable so avoiding it isn’t a good reason to avoid trying new things.
  • Helps you discard a “know-it-all” reputation
  • Makes it more likely that people will feel comfortable telling you about ways you might be wrong that you wouldn’t have been able to discover on your own

What are your favorite things about being wrong?

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Maureen Carruthers

Smart. Kind. Funny. At least that's the goal. I care about encouraging girls to consider STEM careers, helping nonprofits be the best they can be, cats, and German-style boardgames.

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  1. *What are your favorite things about being wrong?* When I am wrong, and people around me are right, it enhances a communal bond. Each of us takes turns being wrong and right and proves the value of all working together.

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  2. I love your article. I can reflect on lots of times i experienced your words. one of the nicest things about life is the amazing people we know and the moments we shared with them. I also think about a lot of do overs I wish I had. I love you lots!


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