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Spring into Colemak

In a fit of enthusiasm for the challenge of learning something new, paired with the peer pressure of working in a company where all the cool kids* use use an alternate keyboard, (along with the allure of a future where I was able to type 100+ words a minute) I decided March 2015 would […]

You’re a Happiness What?

I’ve had a career full of jobs that were challenging, interesting, valuable, and fun; yet almost impossible to explain to strangers (in the amount of time strangers want to spend hearing about your job). My current gig as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic is no exception. That having been said, our […]

Barley Burger Stew Revisited

I’m a half-way decent cook but a bad grocery shopper.  I also start thinking about dinner 10 minutes after my body has activated the low fuel alert so last minute grocery runs are almost always a non-starter. As a result, I spend a lot of my kitchen time trying to make […]

New Perspective

I’ve lived in Dayton, OH for about seven years and worked in or near the downtown area for most of that time.  It wasn’t until this weekend that I noticed this park and the beautiful architecture in our downtown area. A nice reminder that when we only see things from […]