Miss you Dad!

It’s almost impossible for me to believe it’s been 10 years since dad passed on.  In some ways it feels like he’s been gone forever, and then other times like I could pick up the phone and call him (well, no because he was deaf and the phone was a nightmare for him).

It makes me sad that he died before texting and social media was a thing because he’d have been so good at it, and it would have gone a long way towards bridging the last distance his hearing loss put between us.

He gave me my love of theatre, and public speaking and generally being a smart (as well as a smart ass) and for all of that and way more than I could ever get into a blog post I am grateful.

If you knew him, and have good memories, I’d love for you to drop a comment.  Hearing about the ways he touched other people always makes me smile.






4 responses to “Miss you Dad!”

  1. emebz Avatar

    Glad to see you have a picture of Uncle Mike with a turkey leg. I think of him every time I see one.


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  2. Rachel Avatar

    I just adored your dad, Maureen. I loved running into him at different Forensic competitions, as your team mate and later as a coach. He was supportive and inquisitive and always made me laugh. He was a character and I am so grateful I was lucky enough to meet him.

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  3. Jenni Grape Avatar

    He gave me the gift
    If the “note”. Be truthful with your students about who you see they are…it will impact them for a lifetime. I’ve spent my life living up to the person he described me as in he note he wrote me before district speech my senior year. What a gift that note has been.

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  4. Janice R Avatar
    Janice R

    Thinking of you.

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