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  • Savoring Grief

    Savoring Grief

    There is something beyond the pain of grief that can be appreciated– if not exactly enjoyed like a nice stinky cheese or a too-hot pepper. A feeling of opening up instead of shutting down. It can still be debilitating in a world driven by productively working through a predetermined to-do list. But not in the…

  • How does your Garden Grow?

    How does your Garden Grow?

    I see how vigilant you are with the weeds. You notice each imperfection immediately. You pull it up from the root, hoping to eradicate it forever. But how will you recognize the emerging flowers? How will you provide them the sun, rain and protection they need to grow when you only have eyes for the…

  • Mistakes are Hilarious

    Mistakes are Hilarious

    This post is basically just the last post in more words because it’s blowing my mind. I’ve never been able to watch slapstick comedy or shows like The Office that are basically about laughing about how incompetent people are. They seemed deeply mean-spirited to me– why would you find humor in someone else’s deep shame?…

  • Bloopers


    Blooper reels are all about capturing an actor as they miss their mark, lose their focus, fuck it all up. Hilarious. When is the last time you gave yourself the same grace? To laugh in the face of your foibles and let them bring you joy?

  • Probably should have read the instructions

    Probably should have read the instructions

    Pro Tip: When using a fountain pen either use the ink cartridge or the included “Plate Press (standard) converter.” Do not shove the plate press into the top of the ink cartridge and then screw both of them together into the pen, even though they fit snugly inside the barrel. The ink will not flow…

  • The dog really likes me

    The dog really likes me

    John put an air tag registered to his account on Chewie’s collar. I just got a notification from Apple that an air tag that doesn’t belong to me seems to be tracking my location. Evidently the amount of time the dog spends following me around is statistically significant.

  • Spring has sprung

    Spring has sprung

  • One down one to go

    One down one to go

    I’ve never been so happy to get jabbed.

  • Is it even a pandemic. . .

    Is it even a pandemic. . .

    If you don’t cut your own hair ?

  • Early Voting: Allen County Indiana

    Early Voting: Allen County Indiana

    It took about 2 1/2 hours but “vote” is officially on my done list.

  • Excuses


    I’ll take “reasons I’m not as productive as I’d like to be for $500, Alex”:

  • How do you spend your day?

    How do you spend your day?

    Productivity gurus like to say we all have the same 24 hours a day, so we should all be able to achieve the same things. But can we really? How do you spend your time? Are there things on this list* you don’t do because someone does them for you? Because they aren’t required of…