Probably should have read the instructions

Pro Tip: When using a fountain pen either use the ink cartridge or the included “Plate Press (standard) converter.” Do not shove the plate press into the top of the ink cartridge and then screw both of them together into the pen, even though they fit snugly inside the barrel. The ink will not flow out of the tip of the pen in that configuration, but it will flow just fine everywhere else when you take the pen apart to investigate.






3 responses to “Probably should have read the instructions”

  1. Chrissie Avatar

    Ack! Thanks for the warning!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kraft Avatar

    Thank you; I haven’t put mine together yet. I will learn from you, wise one.


    1. Maureen Carruthers Avatar

      really happy to be of service ;p


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