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  • Goodbye, Paige

    Goodbye, Paige

    Our sweet cat, Paige passed away overnight. She was 13 years old. If you’ve ever been on a Zoom meeting with me, you likely met Paige as she was not one to let trivial things like “hey, I have a job” get in the way of the pets and attention that were her birthright. She […]

  • On Patience

    On Patience

    This draft sat for over a year. So there is some extra patience for you. Say hello to Ruby. You might know her as Vent Cat. She came to live with me in the Summer of 2017. And then chose to spend the first 6 months she lived here in my ventilation system. She came […]

  • How many cats is too many cats?

    How many cats is too many cats?

      I only have 5 cats and I’m more than ten years older than Anna.  Totally in the clear 🙂 Is this post another excuse to make you look at photos of my cats?  Uh, yes.  

  • Trash kitty

    Trash kitty

    Paige thinks the trash can is her toy box 😕

  • Dinner Conversation 

    Dinner Conversation 

    I don’t understand people who say the reason they don’t like cats because cats don’t have personalities. I mean have they met any cats? Sure they might all be plotting to kill us in our sleep, but the way each one goes about it is quite different.

  • I’m not sleepy

    I’m not sleepy