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  • I am the dog

    I am the dog

    I tease and occasionally get annoyed with the sweet dog who resides in my house, because there is no new person, no vaguely knock-like noise, no bell of any kind, that doesn’t send him into a fit of barking and growling. The potential threat that comes from these unknowns must be resisted, announced loudly and […]

  • Awesome things about being wrong

    Awesome things about being wrong

    When you are stuck, discovering one of your assumptions was wrong opens the door to all kinds of new ways to move forward When you are are able to admit being wrong, it builds trust and connection between other humans who have also experienced the uncomfortableness of changing your mind in public. It’s the first […]

  • The little things

    The little things

    I turned my desk around last week so I can look out the window (and not look like I’m in the witness protection program on Zoom calls) and it has totally changed how I feel about my office. It was always fine, but now it’s cozy and delightful. Never underestimate the power even small changes […]

  • Trash kitty

    Trash kitty

    Paige thinks the trash can is her toy box 😕

  • Complete with roaring “fire”

    Complete with roaring “fire”

    My friends (the ones with the cat) moved to New York state, and so their house here is for rent.  That by itself is not interesting enough even for my newly lax blogging standards but  when they sent me the posting for the rental property, I did a double take: When I viewed the listing […]

  • Pumpkin all the things

    Pumpkin all the things

    Thanks Kroger. You’ve made it super easy to get my Pumkin fix.