Other People’s Children

I don’t have children of my own,* but I spend a fair amount of time with other people’s kids, and they fascinate me for a variety of reasons.  One of which is their desire to be on camera.

In retrospect, I don’t think this is a new thing.  My sisters and I made audio recordings of all kinds of different stories and “shows” and I’m sure if someone had an iPhone, The Murder of Angela Porter, and it’s “workshopped” ending would not be lost to the ages.

Luckily, the antics of these lovely people will be preserved:

A friend’s daughter as a pillow.  Walk-on role played by Loki.


My niece and nephew as burgeoning morning show anchors.  P.S.  I agree that gouda is pretty meh.


I also have another niece who  has basically perfected the video thank you/I love you message.  I’m afraid it’s too cute for public consumption, so you’ll just have to trust me.  It’s amazing.


*unless cats count as children; I have been assured that they do not.






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