Adventures of Vent Cat: Part 1

This is Ruby.  She lives in my ventilation system.  She used to live with a friend who has since moved to New York.  She and her daughter Sundae moved in with me in August.  Being an experienced cat caretaker with 3 existing cats, I started with Ruby and Sundae in a room of their own. Knowing these two particular cats’ fondness for under-the-bed, I thought I would be clever and take the bed in the room off it’s frame and provide other, more suitable hiding spots.

Ruby had other plans.

On the morning of day 3, I went into the room she shared with Sundae to find the vent cover removed and only 1 cat.  Some creative phone camera work revealed this cat butt.


The situation was scary for the first week or so, but thanks to my Petcube I have regular footage of her coming in and out of the vents easy as you please.


The moral of this story is think twice before you try to outsmart a cat.

Stay tuned for the next chapter where I embrace my inner Wile E. Coyote in an attempt to catch her.







5 responses to “Adventures of Vent Cat: Part 1”

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  3. Lesley Howard Avatar
    Lesley Howard

    OMG that is HILARIOUS. Maybe just feed her so much she gets too big to get into the vent??


    1. Maureen Carruthers Avatar

      Ha! That might happen. The free feeding and lack of gym access in the HVAC system does seem to be causing her to get a little chunky.


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