Adventures of Vent Cat: Part 1

Adventures of Vent Cat: Part 1

This is Ruby.  She lives in my ventilation system.  She used to live with a friend who has since moved to New York.  She and her daughter Sundae moved in with me in August.  Being an experienced cat caretaker with 3 existing cats, I started with Ruby and Sundae in a room of their own. Knowing these two particular cats’ fondness for under-the-bed, I thought I would be clever and take the bed in the room off it’s frame and provide other, more suitable hiding spots.

Ruby had other plans.

On the morning of day 3, I went into the room she shared with Sundae to find the vent cover removed and only 1 cat.  Some creative phone camera work revealed this cat butt.


The situation was scary for the first week or so, but thanks to my Petcube I have regular footage of her coming in and out of the vents easy as you please.


The moral of this story is think twice before you try to outsmart a cat.

Stay tuned for the next chapter where I embrace my inner Wile E. Coyote in an attempt to catch her.

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