On Patience

This draft sat for over a year. So there is some extra patience for you.

Say hello to Ruby. You might know her as Vent Cat. She came to live with me in the Summer of 2017. And then chose to spend the first 6 months she lived here in my ventilation system.

She came out to eat and use the box, she was committed to the vents as her primary residence, and no amount of Willie Coyote style cleverness would get her out.

wait for it. . . .

Eventually she did come out long enough for me to close the bathroom door and evict her from the vents. She then proceeded to live under the guest room bed.

Then I was allowed to look at her.

Then ritualistic pets.

Then visits to other parts of the house, to request ritualistic pets.

Now she sits next to me when I work and headbutts me when she doesn’t get enough attention.

It only took 18 months.







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