Where should I live next?

It’s starting to get cold in Ohio, which means I’m having my annual internal dialogue about why I continue to live here.  I have a job where I can live anywhere, so why am I still living a place where frozen water will fall from the sky on the regular?

Since I have recently committed to writing these internal thoughts on this blog for public consumption, you now get to be part of the fun.  Keeping in mind that I have a vent cat, and will need for her to decide to stay topside before I can do anything, so this is mostly long-term planning of which little or nothing will come for awhile at least.

Here are the criteria:

  1. Must be warmish most of the year.  Bonus points if the trade off isn’t crazy hot 3-6 months a year, but I can be flexible on that.
  2. Reasonably priced real estate. This is an aspect of living in Dayton that I love and have grown accustomed to.
  3. Interesting things to do.  By interesting I mean nature stuff, arts stuff (especially music and theatre), gaming stuff.
  4. Bonus: Someone I know already lives there, or close to there
  5. Bonus: Employment opportunities for mobile developers.
  6. Bonus: Blue state

Hit me with where I should live next in the comments.  Bonus points for photos and a point by point defense of how your city meets my criteria.






3 responses to “Where should I live next?”

  1. diggingforholes Avatar

    Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill: we are moving there in late spring; blue area in red state, inexpensive real estate, 4 major universities within 40 miles of each other, lots of culture and tech. Did I mention that we’re moving there? Love, Molly

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    1. Maureen Carruthers Avatar

      That was also on the list, and knowing you all will be there gives it a huge boost 😀


  2. Bekka Avatar

    You WOULD like the Raleigh area. I like the Raleigh area… I think Charleston is amazing too, but maybe too hot/humid for you in the summer (I’m all about it though).

    But my immediate plug is for Johnson City, TN. TN is NOT a blue state, but JC has all kinds of people in a more open-minded mix. It’s rumored to be turning into the New Asheville as the actual Asheville becomes clogged with tourists… but is only about a 45 min drive over the mountain from JC, if you’re into that. There is Shakespeare in the Park, Community Theatres, lots, and lots, and lots of live music opportunities. And several regular board game meetups, AND not far from a couple good game/comic stores in the greater Tri-Cities. AND less than an hour from me, of course. The good real estate prices won’t last too much longer as the market rebounds and people realize that it’s getting so awesome over there, but that means that if you act fast, your investment will rapidly be worth more…

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