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I am the dog

I tease and occasionally get annoyed with the sweet dog who resides in my house, because there is no new person, no vaguely knock-like noise, no bell of any kind, that doesn’t send him into a fit of barking and growling. The potential threat that comes from these unknowns must be resisted, announced loudly and warned off. Nevermind if the people turn out to be friendly, or the doorbell is on television. The rule is:

Bark First. Investigate later.

I tease the poor sweet beast for this. John has even been known to poke him by playing doorbell sounds from his iPad. And yet.

Do I not also get my back up when new ideas threaten my world view? When someone dares to suggest that maybe we could try a different path, do I not often choose the solace of resist first, investigate later? How many potential opportunities have I scared off or drowned out because avoiding danger seemed so much safer than opening myself up to new possibilities?

The dog is old and well, a dog. He is unlikely to change his ways.

Will I?

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Maureen Carruthers

Smart. Kind. Funny. At least that's the goal. I care about encouraging girls to consider STEM careers, helping nonprofits be the best they can be, cats, and German-style boardgames.

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