Goodbye, Paige

Our sweet cat, Paige passed away overnight. She was 13 years old. If you’ve ever been on a Zoom meeting with me, you likely met Paige as she was not one to let trivial things like “hey, I have a job” get in the way of the pets and attention that were her birthright. She loved everyone, including the other cats in the house who did not return her affection. This never deterred her enthusiasm or deeply held belief that she was the best and this time it would be different.

From the moment we brought her home, Paige wanted to be with the people. The first night we had her I slept on the bathroom floor because she had to quarantine in there away from the other cats and rather than cuddle up in the new bed we bought her she would run the full length of the bathroom and throw herself at the door. After 30 minutes of thump. . . . silence. . . . thump I relented and slept in a sleeping bag so she didn’t have to spend the night alone.

Paige was also known as our self petting cat as she would rub her head enthusiastically against the hand of anyone who sat still long enough for her to do it no matter how interested or available they were to actively pet her. This also happened at night where she would sleep next to my face and poke me with her paw until I put my hand somewhere she could reach. I never thought I would miss waking up at 3am with a cat scratching my face, but it turns out that I do.

Thanks, Paige, for spending your life with us. For teaching the other cats that humans are pretty great and for all the joy and comfort you brought us over the years. You will be greatly missed.







5 responses to “Goodbye, Paige”

  1. Tish Avatar

    Awh, no. So sorry to hear this. Paige will be missed ❤️

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  2. Raven Avatar

    So sorry, so much hugs. Paige was a good kitty.

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  3. Holly Kuchar Avatar
    Holly Kuchar

    How wonderful that Paige and you found each other. What a gift. Thank you for sharing. Sending hugs.


  4. Dan Avatar

    So sorry, Mo. I will miss Zoom calls with Paige.


  5. Chrissie Avatar

    What a beautiful post about Paige. I’m so sorry for your loss. Big hugs.


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