Cultivating a life free of violence

If you spend time with me in real life or follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been donating to the Center for Nonviolence since the summer of 2020 when it finally became impossible for me to ignore the injustice that surrounds me, yet rarely touches me. I chose them because I wanted to support a local organization focused on building a more just world led by people who could see more clearly than me the ways that violence of all kinds has robbed us, our families, and communities of true freedom to live, love and grow together.

Now, over 2 years later, I’m not only a monthly donor to the Center for Nonviolence, I’m also a volunteer and Coordinating Panel (Board of Directors) member looking for other people who, like me, want to live in a freer, fairer, more loving world. Who are willing to contribute to building that future, but don’t know where to start.

By giving a small monthly donation to the Center for Nonviolence you help hundreds of people in Fort Wayne (like Kristi who tells her story in the video below) find a community of people with whom they can be their full authentic selves.

You are part of supporting people on a journey to find their own internal strength to protect themselves and their children, as well as people who want love and connection and have never learned to share power in a way that makes true connection possible.

In addition to the help you’ll be providing to others, we also have a new #growtogetherkit: a series of resources* for our monthly donors designed to help you reflect on the subtle ways violence and power imbalances might be impacting your own life and how to start cultivating nonviolence for yourself and the people closest to you.

Being a part of this organization has been a highlight of my time in Fort Wayne and I hope you’ll consider lending your support as well.

We all get free together.

*the featured image for this post is one of the resources included in the first month of the #growtogetherkit.






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