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  • That’s How I got to Automattic 

    That’s How I got to Automattic 

    Several events have converged over the last week or so that have resulted in this wildly overdue “How I became a Happiness Engineer” post. One is you may have noticed my blog has a shiny new domain name.  My employer, Automattic, is the company behind the new .blog  top level domain and they gave each…

  • Unified Theory of Casserole

    Unified Theory of Casserole

    As part of the Automattic Grand Meetup, every Automattician gives a short (no longer than 4 minute) speech about any topic they choose.  I did three and 1/2 minutes on my favorite food group:  casserole.  Enjoy!

  • I’m not sleepy

    I’m not sleepy


  • Barley Burger Stew Revisited

    Barley Burger Stew Revisited

    I’m a half-way decent cook but a bad grocery shopper.  I also start thinking about dinner 10 minutes after my body has activated the low fuel alert so last minute grocery runs are almost always a non-starter. As a result, I spend a lot of my kitchen time trying to make something fast out of ingredients…