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A walk I took over a month ago

So, I started this blog with the idea that I’d share interesting tidbits from my regular life.  I even do things in my regular life and think, I’ll take photos so I can blog about this!

The last step, actually writing the post in a timely manner, is still eluding me.

In the spirit of better late than never, J and I went to hiking at Hocking Hills for my birthday last month.  We hiked six miles and had a great time.

If you go there, know that the “blue trail” between Cedar Falls and Old Man’s cave isn’t a trail so much as a walk through the gorge over large rocks that, if you squint, you can tell someone probably walked before.  I’m not sure I’d have done the whole thing if I’d have known what I was getting into, but I felt like a badass (a tired, sore badass) when we were finished.

This post would be cooler if I’d have photographed the parts where the trail disappeared, but I was busy trying not to die.

Instead, I give you mushroom photos.  Prior to this walk I’d never seen wild mushrooms beyond the ones that grow in your yard (at least in the midwest) when it rains, so I thought it would be cool to focus my photo taking on them.


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Maureen Carruthers

Smart. Kind. Funny. At least that's the goal. I care about encouraging girls to consider STEM careers, helping nonprofits be the best they can be, cats, and German-style boardgames.

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  1. First I’d like to say…..ROFLMAO…Yay! Someone like me that admits those gorgeous wandering trails throughout this wonderful country can seem like deathtraps to those of us that prefer our walks to be on well marked trails that are downhill both ways! 😉

    I loved your pictures and this took me back to a long walk I had quite a few years back and now I really want to talk about in my own blog.

    Thank you!


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