Letting it Go (as many times as it takes)

There’s this series of games I play on my phone a lot.  Maybe more than makes sense for a grown-up lady, but that’s not an important part of the story. 

A couple weeks ago I saw the series had a new game so shockingly enough I downloaded it.  Good times.  Until level 44.

Level 44 is a timed level which are not my favorite as I prefer to overthink my ridiculous free games, and so I was dying a lot.  Finally I passed the first butterfly threshold– And still lost a heart.  I assumed it was a glitch– it’s a newish game, no big deal.  But then it happened again.  

Now it’s not a glitch, it’s a replicable bug.  

Normally this is where I would shrug and wait for the next update.  But now that I work in tech support I felt somehow obligated to report the problem.  So I found the support form, gave the email a descriptive title and listed the steps to reproduce.  Later I realized a screenshot would be better, so I got one of those in case more info was needed.  


This is where the story should stop.  It does not.  

I heard back from the support department with a very polite, “works for me.”  So I sent the screenshot.  The (still very polite) response was, oh that’s what’s supposed to happen.  Reaching the first butterfly isn’t enough to pass this level. 

Even though the butterfly meter counts points and the first butterfly is the pass marker in every other game in the series and every other level in this game.  

But I didn’t write back.  Because I’ve done my good dead, and arguing with people who are paid to support a game about who knows more about how it works is not a good use of time. 

So I’m letting it go.  Over and over until it really stops bugging me ( or they fix it in the next release so I can quietly gloat).






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