Mystery Solved

Back when I had a job I had to drive to, I saw this place in North Dayton everyday. Maybe it’s the comic geek in me, but the name appealed to me and so I paid closer attention than you would expect considering it was just a random place I drove by everyday.

I didn’t notice at first, probably because I usually drove by at 5:00 on weekdays, but eventually I realized that this place was very, very not busy.  Like, freakishly not busy.  I started paying closer attention, and payed special attention when I drove by later at night, or on weekends.  Still never more than one or two cars in the parking lot.

Being the totally reasonable person that I am, I began to weave wonderful stories about the place.  It was the secret meeting place of a mysterious society, it was the entrance to a series of underground tunnels leading to lost treasure, it was the home of the local superheros.

In 2014, my hopes were dashed.  Modern beer advertisements showed up on the outside of the building, They started a Facebook Page, the parking lot started to get full.

Turns out, there was no mystery.  The place was simply closed.

My stories were better.






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