How do you spend your day?

Productivity gurus like to say we all have the same 24 hours a day, so we should all be able to achieve the same things. But can we really? How do you spend your time? Are there things on this list* you don’t do because someone does them for you? Because they aren’t required of someone with your set of privileges? What does that say about the “24 hours a day we all supposedly have?”

  • visible professional contributions
  • invisible professional contributions
  • preparing food for yourself
  • preparing food for others
  • maintaining a residence
  • cleaning up after yourself
  • cleaning up after others
  • purchasing consumables for yourself
  • purchasing consumables for others
  • caring for an animal
  • caring for a child
  • caring for another adult
  • figuring out which bills can be paid and what has to wait
  • managing a chronic health condition
  • explaining to law enforcement why you are walking in your neighborhood
  • practicing what you will say or do to keep others calm so they won’t hurt or kill you
  • justifying the legitimacy of your needs
  • learning something new
  • keeping your body healthy
  • keeping your mind healthy
  • maintaining your social connections
  • introspection
  • making space for you to rest
  • making space for others to rest

*this is very much a list of things this particular white lady can see. I’m sure there is work that my privilege makes invisible to me. If you can see things I missed, let me know and I’ll happily add them to the list.





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