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  • Early Voting: Allen County Indiana

    Early Voting: Allen County Indiana

    It took about 2 1/2 hours but “vote” is officially on my done list.

  • Excuses


    I’ll take “reasons I’m not as productive as I’d like to be for $500, Alex”:

  • I am the dog

    I am the dog

    I tease and occasionally get annoyed with the sweet dog who resides in my house, because there is no new person, no vaguely knock-like noise, no bell of any kind, that doesn’t send him into a fit of barking and growling. The potential threat that comes from these unknowns must be resisted, announced loudly and…

  • How do you spend your day?

    How do you spend your day?

    Productivity gurus like to say we all have the same 24 hours a day, so we should all be able to achieve the same things. But can we really? How do you spend your time? Are there things on this list* you don’t do because someone does them for you? Because they aren’t required of…

  • Building an Anti-Racism Habit

    Building an Anti-Racism Habit

    Like many well-meaning white people, I’ve been galvanized to action by the latest round of irrefutable evidence that we live in a racist society. I want to do all of the things I should have been doing for years– right now, today, and to not stop until it’s fixed. That is an incredibly foolish approach.…

  • If you want Peace, work for Justice

    If you want Peace, work for Justice

    This phrase was plastered all over the walls of the Catholic school I attended as a child. As a white kid in a super white place with very little diversity of thought or occupation, let alone race or life experience, this thought was abstract at best: Give money to poor people who live far away.…

  • Stuck in the Story

    Stuck in the Story

    Sometimes we are just going about our day, minding our own business when out of the blue we are “acted upon by an outside force.” A car cuts in front of us, we get bad news at work (or, more likely, vague news that we don’t know what to do with), Our spouse turns up…

  • Adventures in Sourdough

    Adventures in Sourdough

    April 1 (ish) Someone of Facebook: These biscuits are so yummy! Me: I do like carbs. How hard can it be? This recipe says day 1: mix water with whole wheat flour. I’ll get some flour at the store this week and we’ll be off to the races! April 15 Ok, that took longer than…

  • Awesome things about being wrong

    Awesome things about being wrong

    When you are stuck, discovering one of your assumptions was wrong opens the door to all kinds of new ways to move forward When you are are able to admit being wrong, it builds trust and connection between other humans who have also experienced the uncomfortableness of changing your mind in public. It’s the first…

  • On doing a “Good Job”

    On doing a “Good Job”

    I was talking to a teammate the other day about work feelings and she said something profound : You want to do a good job, and you want others to think you are doing a good job. She didn’t say it as a great epiphany, more like a statement of obvious fact: of course you…

  • On Patience

    On Patience

    This draft sat for over a year. So there is some extra patience for you. Say hello to Ruby. You might know her as Vent Cat. She came to live with me in the Summer of 2017. And then chose to spend the first 6 months she lived here in my ventilation system. She came…

  • Not a Millennial

    Not a Millennial

    Still Love me some avocado toast And photographing my food for the internet evidently.